Solving Patient Record EMR Integration

One major decision facing every healthcare provider – after you decide to convert your paper patient records to digital – is where along the historical continuum of patient files you should start the process.


IMR Digital’s patient file conversion process can be customized, based upon record priorities or operational policies specific to your healthcare organization. Record conversion can encompass a specific number of years of back files, by selection of active files or any other desired method.

IMR Digital’s healthcare patient record conversion solution enables streamlined workflow and information sharing throughout the entire healthcare system. Our solution eliminates paper patient records and integrates clinical content (paper charts, forms, faxes, photos, clinical images, etc.) directly into your EMR system.

Converting From Paper Records To An EMR Can Be Challenging, But It’s Critical To Success.

Integrate Digital Patient Records on Your Schedule

Scan On Demand

IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand starts with storing your patient records in our secure facility. We use state of the art bar coding to log in your documents and track their location in our online database. As you need specific patient files, we will locate them, convert the documents to digital format and transmit the file to you for immediate access. Eventually, all of your stored files will be converted into digital files, ready for use with any EMR system.

Medical Records Management

IMR Healthcare can provide comprehensive medical record lifecycle retention and destruction services as well. Based on individual healthcare system requirements, patient records can be securely stored for the designated retention period until they are scheduled for destruction.

Our Secure Production Facility is HIPAA Compliant

Full Security, Fire And Theft Protection of Patient Files That Are Stored In Our Facility.

Our trained document conversion specialists are experienced in handling sensitive data. Document conversion projects can be prepared to HL7, ANSI-accredited and other required standards.