Eliminate the Need For Paper File Storage Space and Increase Your Productivity

For about the same money you’re paying to just store your documents, IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand solution can convert your documents into easily accessible digital files.


Most organizations have large amounts of information stored in paper form, often in boxes or file cabinets that are not well organized or clearly labeled. Legal, accounting and regulatory requirements demand that you retain the files, but, if you ever do need to refer to them, finding the right file is next to impossible.

With IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand There’s No More Wasting Time Or Money Searching Through File Cabinets Or Storage Boxes

Scan On Demand Allows You to Convert Your Paper Documents to Digital Files as You Need Them

Scan On Demand

IMR Digital’s Scan On Demand starts with storing your files in our secure facility. We use state of the art bar coding to log in your documents and track their location in our online database, allowing us to quickly find the specific carton and files you need.

As you need specific paper files, we will locate them, convert the documents to digital format and send the files to you. Your records can be delivered to authorized personnel via fax, e-mail or courier delivery.

Eventually, all of your stored files will be converted into digital files, ready for use with any enterprise content management system. The best part is that all of this is done under a controlled budget. You decide how many documents are converted each month.

Scan On Demand Allows You to Convert Just the Files You Need

If you’re using a document storage facility to house your inactive files, you know how quickly costs can add up. Month after month, you pay the storage fees. And when you need to access your files, it costs you even more. Solve your file storage problems once and for all with Scan On Demand.