Large or Small, We Convert All Types of Paper Publications to Digital

Whether you’ve got book shelves full of irreplaceable historical records, storage crammed with years of magazine back issues or dusty newspaper archives, you’re just one broken water pipe or electrical fire away from disaster. For over three decades, IMR Digital has been helping organizations protect and preserve their valuable publications.


Magazine, Newspaper, and Journal Backlist Scanning

Converting Paper Publications Promotes Public Access

Providing public access to books, magazines and newspapers in their original form can challenging. Both the publication and the user have to be in the same place and it’s not uncommon for one-of-a-kind items to be damaged from use.

That’s why IMR Digital has developed our Publication Conversion service. Our 25,000-square-foot production facility is equipped to handle scanning and conversion of all types of books and publications. We provide a temperature-controlled, secure storage and stringent security protocols to protect your publications during the conversion process. Our skilled conversion technicians will carefully prepare all publication documents to ensure the quality of the conversion files and preservation of the original document.

Highlights Magazine, a children’s favorite for generations, counts on IMR Digital to digitize their publication backlist.

We Can Help Transform Your Publication Archives From A Storage Expense Into A Revenue Generator.

Book Scanning

Many times bound publications, like books, are too valuable or fragile to be unbound for scanning conversion. IMR Digital has specialized scanning equipment that captures the entire publication page.

Our scanners can capture pages in any book as a single page or a double-page spread. Sophisticated software provides curvature correction on all pages.

The benefits of the IMR Digital scanning solution is that it will enable your organization to reduce storage expenses and provide fast access to your documents. Scanning documents combined with a comprehensive information management process will improve efficiencies, internal operations and workflow.

Magazine Scanning

Most magazines retain print copies of their publication backlist, some dating back decades. Maintained as a historical reference and record of accomplishment, in their original paper format, these backlists are difficult to access.

IMR Digital offers a unique scanning and conversion process for magazine backlists. Our large-format, high-resolution scanners can capture single page or a double-page spreads. Once in digital format, magazine archives become an asset. Easy access, OCR search capabilities provide quick reference for publisher’s staff as well as the possibility of transforming them from a storage expense into a revenue generator.

Newspaper Scanning

IMR Digital has over 30 years of experience in helping libraries and historical societies preserve and protect valuable records of the past. Our sophisticated large format scanning equipment allows us to capture historical newspapers into high quality images as digital files or on microfilm. Having duplicate records of newspaper archives prevents the prospect of losing years of history.

If the newspaper pages are digitized as PDF files, IMR Digital can also perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to make each record searchable. OCR allows people doing genealogical research in past issues of the newspapers search by family name or other relevant phrases to find articles.