Microfilm Is Where It All Started For Us.

We were founded over 30 years ago as a microfilm service bureau, making us uniquely qualified to handle your film-based media needs.


Our knowledgeable staff can convert all types of documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm.

Our Document Conversion team brings three decades of experience to your microfilm imaging, scanning and preservation needs.

Our knowledgeable staff can convert all types of documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm. Or from microfilm to digital. Whether you are looking to convert 8.5” x 11” business documents or oversized historical documents, we understand the conversion quality requirements for archival and historical purposes.

Ancestry.com, who uses millions of microfilm records to provide customers with details about their family history, relies on IMR Digital for microfilm conversion and scanning.

Microfilm, Aperture Card or Microfiche – The IMR Digital Team Does It All For You.

Microfilm Conversion Experts

Our state-of-the-art ribbon Flexscan scanners can scan an entire reel of microfilm in one pass. As it is being scanned and digitized, our specialized software separates the page images on the microfilm reel into individual documents. After each reel is scanned, our technicians check and verify the image quality of the final output.

Aperture Card Scanning

While not document scanning in the strictest sense, another service that IMR offers is the scanning of aperture cards. Once popular as a means of storing and distributing engineering drawings, aperture cards can be scanned, and in many cases, treated similarly to scanned engineering drawings, allowing raster to vector conversion.

Microfilm From Digital Images

For many organizations, microfilm is the approved form of long-term document archiving. Microfilm is not subject to degrading and is an eye-readable format that can be digitized multiple times. For long term storage, there is still no medium that can best microfilm. When stored properly, microfilm has a life expectancy of several hundred years.

With the Digital Archive Writer equipment in our production facility, IMR Digital’s document specialists can convert all types and sizes of business or historical documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm format. Additionally, we are well-versed in the conversion requirements mandated by historical societies, governmental agencies and archives.

PlanCon H Requirements

Architectural firms who work on projects for schools that are subject to PlanCon H requirements can send us their documents digitally. These files can be sent on a drive, or via FTP, Dropbox or other file sharing method. We will then make the microfilm copies required for submission.

Convert Microfiche To Digital

Our experienced microfiche technicians can convert individual microfiche sheets into high-resolution black & white or greyscale images in PDF, JPEG or TIFF file formats that can be viewed on any computer.