Increase Your Back Office Efficiency With Outsourced Document Processing

IMR Digital offers Document Processing services at our Northeast Pennsylvania facility. Any organization that deals with a significant volume of documents and information on a daily basis can benefit.

Document Processing at our production facility can help reduce expenses and labor requirements. Whether you need to manage short-term surges in demand or want to manage long-term back office processing requirements, IMR Digital offers a full spectrum of document processing.

Data Entry

IMR Digital’s Data Entry service provides increased speed and efficiency to your back-office operations. Based on your specific data capture needs, we will intake documents and perform imaging and data entry of the relevant information necessary for processing. Once captured, all data is validated and verified are prepared for transfer to your system. Output can be directed to your financial database, ECM, ERP, document management and/or workflow systems.

Data / Email Extraction

Documents and information that must be processed are often transmitted via email. With IMR Digital’s data / email extraction service, we can manage the intake of email messages and process the embedded or attached documents and information. Through indexing of the image and message, essential data elements necessary for processing are extracted, captured and input into a database. IMR Digital then provides you with the database and image files.


Once documents have been converted to a digital format, IMR Digital can provide data indexing, a process that tags or identifies select information within the scanned file, so that it can be used for search and retrieval. Depending on the type of document and the information required for processing, the searchable or indexed data may include an invoice number, employee ID, vendor, patient name or any other information.


Once the images are digitized as PDF files, IMR Digital can perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to make the records searchable. This single pass process enables single words or text phrases to be located in the PDF files when a search is performed.