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IMRs Workflow Analysis Process

A thorough analysis of an organization's current workflow is the first step towards improving overall business processes. IMR has developed a comprehensive Workflow Analysis Process that examines how documents and information are currently moving throughout the organization. Our goal is to identify opportunities for harnessing technology to improve productivity.

During the analysis, our document management experts will identify any antiquated practices, choke points or process redundancies. Often we discover that organizations have inefficient, dated processes in place. There has been little or no examination of processing put in place many years ago and now accepted as "the way we've always done things."

We start IMR's Workflow Analysis by conducting interviews and documenting existing processes and identifying issues and problems currently encountered. The discovery process is managed through a combination of meetings and structured interviews, which can be done on-site or via web-based technology.

During the analysis, we will interview selected departments to provide an overview and assessment of document management processing needs, as well as, storage, retention and retrieval recommendations. It's critical to include input from employees during this stage since they have first-hand knowledge and their participation will create a greater buy-in and adoption of workflow processes.

IMR's Workflow Analysis focuses on examining:

  • Current business process workflow
  • Document retention and destruction cycle
  • Compliance and audit requirements
  • Security and usage permission requirements
  • Existing document management systems
After the discovery process, our workflow experts will perform a comprehensive detailed analysis of the data and information gathered from the questionnaires and interviews to determine document management needs, estimate document volume, indexing requirements and formulate best practices recommendations.

The findings from IMR's Workflow Analysis Process will be incorporated into a Best Practices Recommendation that defines the high-level user requirements of the system and will serve as the financial and technical basis for workflow implementation. The recommendations will delve into the functionality and technical requirements of the organization's integrated document management needs including current and future requirements. Any record retention policies including Federal and State guidelines will also be considered and established within the recommendations.

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